Tuesday, 14 April 2009

3 things you may not know about me....

As the post I want to put up is sprawling all over the place in my mind (it's coming, though I'm just not sure in what form) I thought I'd respond to Em who challenged some of her blogsphere (Blogsphere? Blogamily? Blogchums?) to write 3 things that people may not know about them.

So here they are.

1) As the result of a childhood injury involving my bike's stabilisers and my neighbours bike, I have no interconnecting piece of tissue between my inner top lip and my gums (apparently called the labial frenulum). This was due to my stabilisers locking up with the back wheel of Darren (my neighbour's) bike, flying over the handlebars and hitting a kerb with my mouth in a scene reminiscent of American History X without the follow up boot to the back of the head.

2) I have a blind spot about the difference between where and were and in what form to use them correctly. So typing, 'we were walking down the street where the people were looking at the pub where Oscar Wilde used to drink' holds terror beyond terror for me. Similarly I have no idea what a noun, verb, pronoun or adverb are. I could probably look those up but I seem to have coped thus far without needing to know. (As Vampire Weekend sing 'who gives a fuck about an Oxford Comma?').

3) I am extremely fixated with my feet (perhaps even a bit vain), unlike most men I know whose feet have been battered by years of football, rugby and sheer neglect and have toenails that look like quavers, I keep mine in trimmed aired and in neat working order. (That sounded less weird in my head). I think this was down to an ingrowing toenail I had when I was 16 that I had to have removed surgically. Looking up at the wrong point during that surgery and seeing a lot of blood and no nail has forced me into good care.

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Katy Ludditt said...

How did you look up and see your feet?